Grilling vs. Deep Frying: Why Grilling is a Preferred Cooking Method among Millennials

Your ideal cooking method significantly impacts the quality of your food.

Grilling and deep-frying are popular cooking methods with the former involving placement of food directly or indirectly over a heating source.

You can easily grill meat and vegetables. Grills vary in design and type, with the best choice depends on your preference. What’s more, grilling food takes a short time.

One type of grill is the Traeger grill that’s built to give food a flavorful taste. It features a controller you can use to set your cooking temperature. Meals cooked on Traeger grills are clean and have a yummy taste.

Deep frying, on the other hand, involves cooking food in a pot with heated oil. Grilling uses fire directly, hence requires less oil. However, fried food is either partially or fully immersed in preheated oil.

Although deep-fried food can also use temperature for regulation, the taste of grilled and deep-fried foods differ. Therefore, when it comes to grilling, Traeger wins hands down in terms of the benefits of barbecuing food in comparison to deep-frying food.

Here’re reasons grilling is a preferred cooking method among millennials:


  • Immense health benefits
  • Grilled meat is tenderer
  • More convenience when cooking outdoors
  • Flavor
  • Better efficiency

5 Benefits of Barbecued Food over Deep Fried Meals

1. Health benefits

Grilling drains off excess fats from food. For instance, grilling foods such as meat reduce their fat content, a health risk factor. If you prefer low-fat meals, grilling is an ideal method to cook your food.

However, deep-fried foods have higher calorie levels compared to grilled foods.

Eat meals with lower levels of fat to reduce your fat intake. It also lowers cholesterol levels in your body for better cardiovascular health. This helps with weight management.

Deep-fried foods, however, add extra oil to meals. This can lead to:

  • Obesity
  • Heart diseases
  • Stroke
  • Other cholesterol-related diseases

Grilling takes a shorter time to prepare food. And, you get more value from grilled food because more nutrients are retained. Grilling is a healthier cooking method.


Healthy cooking is as good as healthy eating, leading to healthy living.

2. Grilled meat is tenderer


Meaty foods are tasty when served tender. Grilling doesn’t drain all the water in the meat. Food is soaked and cooked in its water. Grills heat the water in food to cook it. This makes the meat soft and well-cooked


Deep-frying food drains most of the water in the meat. Water evaporates as meat is inserted in hot oil. Deep frying gives food a crusty, crunchy taste while grilled food is tenderer.

3. More convenience for cooking outside


Most outdoor cooking is done in parties and events. Cooking outside eliminates the loneliness of cooking alone in the kitchen while others wait in the sitting room. Outdoor areas have bigger spaces with fresh air.

You can grill while socializing with others. What’s more, grilling is fun, and you won’t be lonely while with others outside. Grills are also customizable for easy carriage outside.

In this case, you’ll find portable grills the most convenient because you can use them for cooking anywhere.

4. Flavor


Grilling gives food a different taste from deep-fried foods, which are also tasty. But, some people prefer grilled food over their fried counterparts. Grilling gives food a smoky flavor that’s natural and sweet.

Dripping fats from grilled food is burned, producing a smoky flavor that food easily absorbs.

5. Better efficiency


Deep-frying consumes a lot of oil. You have to buy oil every time you want to deep fry. On the other hand, grilling doesn’t necessarily require oil.

You only need a heat source; the meal can cook on its natural and healthy fat. If you’re considering long-term cooking, grilling is cheaper than deep-frying food.



Grilling has been in use as a cooking technique since time immemorial. The early man used smoke and direct fire to prepare his meals. This method has been passed down generations, to-date.

It’s a trusted method of cooking, which is healthy and easy to use. The many types of grills vary in features, benefits, and food flavor.

Therefore, you aren’t restricted to a single type of grill. Choose your preferred grill, the one you find easier to operate. Although grilling may seem dangerous because it deals with high-temperature heat, it’s not as risky as deep frying.

Additionally, hot oil can cause severe burns in case of an accident. Be careful when preparing your meals in such large amounts of oil. Even so, deep-frying has its unique advantages ranging from unique food taste to increased food lifespan.

However, the many benefits of grilling make it preferable for many.