6 Interesting Things to Display on Your Restaurant Walls to Keep Your Clients Engaged

Attracting and retaining your customers is critical to running a successful restaurant business.

You must be able to keep your customers engaged while they’re seated, waiting for food orders they’ve made. It isn’t wise to let your customers get bored while at your restaurant; don’t give them a reason to avoid your business.

Cheer them up and keep them engaged to keep coming back to your restaurant. They won’t just return for the delicious food prepared at your restaurant, but also for the way your place makes them feel.

Be creative and thoughtful when designing and decorating your space to make it interesting and engaging. Here’re a few interesting things to display on your restaurant walls to keep your clients engaged:

  • Artwork
  • Wine storage
  • Guns in a secure case
  • Pictures of different foods
  • Vertical plants
  • Antique collections

6 Fun Things to Create an Interesting and Engaging Restaurant Space

1. Artwork

Pieces of artwork are eye-catching. The artwork communicates a lot. Views of artwork in your restaurant’s wall is a sure way to grab the attention of your clients.

The works of art can be hanged or drawn on the wall. In the latter case, do a design of fine art on your walls.

If possible, you can minimize the use of frames because they’ll require that you drill nail holes on your walls. This may result in an unsightly appearance on your walls if you’re forced to remove the piece of art in the future.

Holes on your wall may also bring issues with your landlord if you have rented the space. If you don’t prefer hanging artworks, you can install printed panels with your favorite pieces of art on the wall.

Alternatively, opt for temporary pieces or large permanent pieces that’ll amaze your customers. You can also hire a good artist to paint an impressive mural on your walls

2. Wine storage

Another creative way of using your walls magnificently is by installing wine storage areas. Some customers love wine.


Wine can be kept for a long time.

Instead of keeping them away out of sight, you can use it to create an impression that’ll capture the attention of your clients. At the same time, you’ll have achieved your intention of storing them.

The longer you store wine, the more flavorful it becomes. You can install wine cellars on your wall in a creative way. Hire a professional who knows how to creatively make wine racks and install it on your restaurant’s wall. This gives a pleasing view.

3. Guns in a secure case

Views of guns can be terrifying to some people, but if you place it in a secure case, they tend to capture the attention of many people. Installing safes and secure cases on your walls for gun storage can act as an excellent way to keep your clients engaged.

Human beings are curious. They’ll tend to constantly catch a glimpse of the guns in storage. This keeps them busy and, at the same time, amazed by your design.

The presence of guns in a secure case can also assure your clients of their security. Therefore, they’ll rest assured that in case of any danger, they are in safe hands.

You can also display gun accessories like those on Minuteman Review with the guns, or separately. It’s also worth getting rifle scopes for display, especially if your restaurant is located in a hunting community.

4. Food photography

Pictures of food, let alone the real food, can increase the appetite of a person. Finger-licking pictures make customers want to have the actual experience of having a bite. You can print, capture, or paint pictures of the different foods that you serve in your restaurant.

Your walls can attract your clients’ attention if you hire a professional who knows their work well. Let the view be perfect and attractive. For example, if you serve coffee, you can do sketches of latte.

If your restaurant specializes in chicken, you can have finger-licking pictures of drum sticks. This way, your wall will, for sure, attract the attention of many people who enter your restaurant.

5. Grow vertical plants

Plants are a sense of nature. One of the creative ways of designing your restaurant is to bring the outside inside. Growing vertical plants on your walls are bound to give your walls life.

Customers who love nature will love your creativity. They’ll visit your business for the reason that it’s green space.

Viewing the plants can be so fulfilling. Use plants that are magnificent and attractive to the eyes.

6. Display antique collections

Everybody has a taste for antiques. They communicate a lot about the history of specific groups of people. Even in modern restaurants, you can magnify the appearance of your wall by hanging or installing antiques on it.

Using antiques in homes and restaurants is a trending activity, and so many people love it. You can choose to mix the antiques with a touching sense of modernity to enhance its appeal to the eyes of your clients.

Whether you’re into an antique collection or not, displaying them is bound to keep your clients engaged.


How you design your restaurant plays a significant role in capturing the attention of your customers. You must work on your restaurant’s design to create a great impression on your clients’ eyes. Work on the appearance of your walls to wow your customers and keep them coming back.

Designing your walls for a fantastic look can be overwhelming, but it’s essential.