The Spice of Life

While we’re specifically about restaurants that serve chilly dogs, sandwiches, loose meat, and chocolate malt, our content isn’t limited to just that.

We’ll also give you info on other great restaurants where you can get some other tasty, quick meals. Whether you’re new in Nebraska and looking for a place to eat or a local seeking to try something new, different from what he’s used to, we’ve got you covered!

It’s Not Just About Good Food

Everyone knows great restaurants aren’t just about good food. The hospitality and customer service are part of what gives a restaurant it’s incredible homey feeling. That’s why we keep going to our favorite restaurants; because, alongside the great food, they give us that comfort that you only get from eating a home-cooked meal.

And that’s why at Petrows, we recommend restaurants that offer great food and give you that feeling of hospitality and comfort. Because we that the serenity of a restaurant is part of what makes the food amazing.